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Giving back.

I love when homeless people try to give back to society.  We have someone in our town who will try to "sell" you flag pins.  By sell I mean hand you one and expect payment.  This evening he tried to get me to take a tiny flag glued to a toothpick.  For being what it was it was very well made, but I wasn't carrying any cash.  I held up my had and told him, "no thanks!"

His reply: It's ok, I still love you.

And mine: I love you too, man.

Not sure where that came from but it made me smile at least.

I'm reminded of the time I was visiting someone in Chicago.  We were holding hands and waiting at a cross walk and not really paying attention to the people around us.  A guy approached us from behind and say, "You too sure look like you are in love."  At this point we turned around at gave him our attention as he continued, "maybe you need one of these to celebrate!" 

"One of these" as it turns out, was an immaculately crafted crown.  Made from a Burger King crown, a glue stick, and a whole lot of glitter.  Now I'm sort of having reverse buyers remorse.  Perhaps I won't act so hastily in the future.
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