Patrick (quizkidpatrick) wrote,

Can you say mood swing?

ok, even after having one of the most miserable nights on record last night, I can honestly say that today was one of the greatest days of my life. The highest highs come with the lowest lows, it's just weird to have them so close together.

I got to sleep until 3 PM, which I needed. I should be sleeping now actually, I have to work. Stupid holiday, interfering with my work schedule :)

My parents are out of town and so my sister and I had to scrounge up some dinner and we ended up getting friendlies because there were so many places closed. It turned out ok because we got it to go and brought it to our very family room to eat while we watched Arrested Development on the DVDs. I haven't laughed out loud so much in a long time. We watched two full disks of it and there was so much laughing between my sister and I. It also really helped to apreciate my family more, since you know it's a comedy about families and I watched it with my sister.
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