Patrick (quizkidpatrick) wrote,

so, I threw up in the kitchen sink yesterday.

Being sick is so weird. I haven't been sick in.... a long time, I wasn't ill at all in '04. It was almost like being on drugs, because I just felt completely different and not regular. I actually had to call into work to tell them that I couldn't drive because as soon as I got out of bed I had to rush to the toilet to drop a barf. I'm feeling much better now, I haven't been feeling barfy, just a little uncomfortable in the stomach area. I might have to go into work today, but that is a story for another day. Now it is time for a short nap.
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I hope you have a garbage disposal.
if you drink a lot of mountain dew like i do then your puke will be neon bright green, always. even if you are just throwing up water, there is some little flourescent green parts in there, it's sort of creepy.
yesterday i threw up a hamburger it was almost sicker than throwing up chinese food.
hey look i live journaling again!