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So I just saw Cowboy Bebop for the first time ever. It was pretty funny. Maybe I have just always been biased toward anime so I couldn't bring myself to watch it. But I enjoyed this:

There is one character named Spike, who apparently is an assassin turned bounty hunter (how cool is that), and he was attacking some fucks in his spaceship because they robbed from his friends. He totally kicked their asses, but his ship was badly damaged and he was falling into the earths atmosphere and his friends couldn't pick him up because their ship would probably crash into earth too. So he runs out of gas and he's like, "well I'm going to die" and lights up a cigarette.

Then some other ship rescues him but to slow him self down he had to tear up his ship in a very intense landing sequence in which both of his wings were broken off. As soon as he climbs out of his ship, he can hear over the speaker the pilot of the ship and his navigator yelling and stuff because they were damaged in the landing too and were going to crash. So Spike just sits down against the wall and lights up a cigarette and goes, "oh well."

I think that is so great. That is how you should live your life, do what needs to be done, but really, in Spike's words, "Whatever happens, happens."
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