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quizkidpatrick's Journal

"I thought that guy was a flock of birds."

11 February
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I used to go to WPI, now I am enrolled at Umass Amherst
"talking about dragons", air, aliens, almost famous, androids, anti-flag, aphex twin, arby's, baraka, being warm, belle and sebastian, blondie, books, bottle rocket, brains, bridget, brock fucking sampson, candles, candy, chicken nuggets, chipotle, chocolate microscopes, chocolate milkshakes, coffee, cookies, cyborgs, darkwing duck, dean venture, depeche mode, detroit rock city, dodge ball, donnie darko, dr. byron orpheus, dr. john zoidberg, dragons, driving, dune, ender, f-minus, fire, flying cars, fozzbert, fundeclared, funky billy chin, futurama, garlic, ghost world, h.e.l.p.er., h2o, hanging out, hank venture, harlan the movie, harry potter, hockey monkey, hover cars, iggy pop, invader zim, jaan pehechaan ho, jean-baptiste emanuel zorg, johnny cash, joy division, jthm, kung fu fighting, labyrinth, lemonade, little sammy chong, makeover story, mario, math, ming tsai, mint tea, misfits, movies, moxie, mu-ziq, music, narnia, never saying "die", new order, new wave, nofx, orson scott card, phillip j fry, pink lemonade, pirates, pizza, plaid, pulley, rain, rancid, reading, refused, robots, robots in disguise, rushmore, sci-fi, shopping for candy, sitting, slurpees, soul coughing, space ghost, special lady friends, tail spin, teen idols, that '70s show, the 80s, the anniversary, the bouncing souls, the cure, the dark crystal, the fifth element, the forbidden zone, the future, the legend of zelda, thin lizzy, thunder storms, time travel, towelie, ucb, undeclared, vampires, venture bros, video games, whammy wozzle, whatever, wizards, zombies